Oil Preparation


Preparation of the St. Raphael Holy Healing Oil

 Fr. “Joe” prepares the Holy Oil with his core group several times a year. It is a multi-step process. The 100% pure olive oil, imported from Italy, is boiled with the precise amount of rose petals and rose pestals,  then cooled and bottled. These rose petals come from shrines and churches throughout the world. They are dried and crushed before going into the oil and are the brown bits you see in your bottles. Throughout this process hundreds of people pray the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and various other prayers. Fr. Joe reads the entire Book of Tobit, hears 4 hours of confessions, blesses the oil, celebrates Holy Mass and then conducts a healing service. All of these prayers go into the blessed oil.

There have been hundreds of healings, spiritually, mentally and physically around the world in JESUS’ NAME through the intercession of Holy Raphael combined with your faith and the  power of Almighty God.

The St. Raphael Oil is a blessed sacramental like holy water it is not the Holy Oil used in the Catholic Church’s Sacraments. (A sacramental is an object, a prayer,etc. that helps us grow in our spiritual life and increases our devotion to our faith.) In using sacramentals, as lay people we should not confuse this oil with the Church’s holy oil that is conferred only by a priest in the Anointing of the Sick.